Not disruption due to the COVID-19 for Elbtal Plastics

« Dear Business partner,

despite the current scenario due to the coronavirus in Europe and Germany in particular, we would like to convey to you that today the performance of our plants has not been affected. We are taking all measures to ensure the supply of raw materials and the health of our employees required to sustain our production. These measures allow us to confirm that we currently do not foresee any risk of disruption due to the COVID-19.

Since safety is a priority for us, we have taken all necessary steps to minimize contamination risks and strictly follow all given guidelines in our factory. Therefore, we are happy to state, that customer service as well as all other departments of ELBTAL PLASTICS are at your service and do operate as usual - partially via telework.

We know that April / May is often the most important time for our partners and that the looming economic crisis will only make the situation more complicated to manage. We are fully prepared to meet customer demands for the upcoming season and are truly driven by the spirit to support you in this difficult time.

We keep closely monitoring the situation to analyse possible risks and will continue to take any necessary measures to minimize any impact if required. If you have more questions on this subject, we remain fully available and would be happy to answer them.

Most important to us is everyone's health. Please take care of yourself and all your loved ones.

Best regards, »

Michael Schumann, CEO