BWT and LINCOLN enter the Australian Pool Robot market

Lincoln Pool Equipment, a leading pool products distributor in Australia, has reached agreement with BWT to distribute pool robots in Australia.

BWT Group (Best Water Technologies), based in Austria, acquired the business of Aquatron a world leader in the manufacturing of robotic pool cleaners, in January 2019. Aquatron, based in Israel, has been making pool robots for 25 years and is recognised as one of the leading global pool robot manufacturers. 

Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of BWT Group (established in 1990), said that the collaboration with Lincoln was an exciting opportunity for expansion and entry into the Australian market with their new range of robotic cleaners. He explained that their research identified Lincoln as a leading pool product distribution company with an international reputation for distributing and promoting quality products. This was supported with outstanding logistics, customer service and technical advice, which is an excellent fit with BWT's reputation in the European market.

Lindsay Hartshorne, CEO and owner of Lincoln Pool Equipment, said he and his team were enthusiastically looking forward to a successful, long term relationship with BWT. He added that the product and marketing support provided by BWT was exceptional and the planned promotional activity to establish the brand in Australia would include BWT's formula one sponsorship, with opportunities for robot resellers and consumers to attend the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne each year.

Since BWT was founded in 1990, it has been dedicated to its vision of perfect water. Today this passion and the expertise in all areas of water have enabled BWT to become the leading water treatment Group. "For You and Planet Blue" expresses the mission of the group to take ecological, economic and social responsibility, to provide to its partners the best products, systems, technologies and services in all areas of water treatment and pool equipment, while simultaneously contributing valuably to preserve the global resources of our blue planet.

Lincoln Pool Equipment was established in Victoria in 1974 and has been owned by Lindsay Hartshorne since 2002. During that time Lincoln has grown substantially and now has branches in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Lincoln is recognised as a leading distributor of OEM equipment and has one of the largest ranges of spare parts available in Australia.

B100, D300 and P600 models

The range of robots to be released will include an entry level floor only model (B100), two floor wall and waterline models (D200) one with an app (D300) and a professional model for pool builders with floor, wall and waterline plus an app (P600). All models will have ultra-fine 4D filters consisting of elastic 3D microfibre loops.

For all enquiries contact your local Lincoln Pool Equipment office on website.

Press Release - July 2020