An annual survey designed to highlight trends and developments within the industry

Companies working in the wet leisure sector are being invited to take part in an annual survey designed to highlight trends and developments within the industry.

A survey launched by Golden Coast in association with leading organisations

The Wet Leisure Industry Survey is launched every year by Golden Coast in association with leading organisations such as BSPF, ISPE, SPATA, BISHTA and industry trade press. By gathering feedback from across the country, the survey generates statistics and insights that companies can use to make decisions over the coming months.

Jamie Adams, Managing Director at Golden Coast said: "The pandemic has had a devastating and life-changing impact for countless reasons. 2020 will always stand out as an unprecedented year, so we expect this survey will show interesting and varied results. In some ways, the wet leisure industry has thrived. This was certainly bolstered by the spell of good weather and the number of people on furlough making domestic purchases, such as hot tubs, to make the most of their time at home. Understandably the commercial side may tell a different story, but that is why the survey is so crucial. We want to see what has been happening an all areas of the industry so that businesses can make as many preparations as possible given the ever-changing circumstances.

"We encourage anyone who works within the wet leisure industry to take part, as the more input we receive the more detailed a picture we can create of the state of our sector. The questionnaire will enable companies to adapt their products and services, so it is most effective if participants can share as much feedback as possible."

The Wet Leisure Industry Survey 2020 can be found online at or paper versions can be requested from Golden Coast. The survey is anonymous, does not contain compulsory questions, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once the data has been collected and analysed, the survey report will be made freely available to the whole industry as a download from, and will also be made available at SPATEX 2021.

For more information on the Wet Leisure Industry Survey, contact Golden Coast on 01271 378100, email or visit