An installation Dryden Aqua for the outdoor pool "Ameba" of the Zaton Holiday Resort

Dryden Daisy®, integrated water treatment system for pools

DRYDEN AQUA installed its integrated water treatment system for pools, Dryden Daisy® at the Zaton Holiday Resort, in Croatia.

Pool ,,AMEBA" is the biggest pool on Zaton Holiday Resort location. The main goal was to decrease operating costs, especially reducing water consumption during filter bed washing - by decreasing quantity of water used for this purpose. Additionaly, water quality had to be improved, to be on the highest level during the whole touristic season, including the peak of it.

For this project,  the supply and installation of Dryden DAISY®, included: 

  • 30,6 t of AFM®
  • Automatic dosing of APF®
  • Manual dosing of ACO®

Furthermore, Dryden Aqua installed alocal flow measurement has and optimized the filtration system.

Here are the results

  • Lower NaOCl consumption for 26%
  • Lower acid consumption for 86%
  • Lower energy consumption for 49%
  • Lower water consumption for filter bed washing of 86%; total savings 15.495 m3
  • Return on Investment (ROI) after 1.5 summer seasons

Discover  this biological approach to pool water treatment in video