Nystad Sauna is a company based in Finland in Uusikaupunki, a beautiful little seaside town in the South-West coast of Finland. Their products aim to improve the sauna experience by breathing fragrances.  Not jut any fragrances... Purity, natural, organic directly packaged from the splendid Finnish forests.

Sauna Scents and Forest Baths by Nystad Sauna Company: breathe the freshness of Finnish nature during the sauna experience

A piece of Finnish invigorating air in biodegradable bags

The sauna experience is clearly optimised by which fragrance we put in to breathe. The benefits for breathing, well-being and relaxation are thus multiplied. What could be fresher and more relaxing than a bowl of nature to inhale diffused by the steam of the sauna...

Nystad Sauna 's products are 100% natural SAUNA SCENTS and FOREST BATHS made from Finnish dried ground birch leaves and herbs. Both products are packaged in biodegradable bags which are infused in the sauna and bath bowl, just like tea bags.
The Forest Bath sachets also contain pure unrefined and mineral rich German alpine salt which which can benefit the skin and the whole organism during the sauna bath. 

Nystad Sauna infusing herbs in a sauna bucket