LEN proudly announces its new partnership with the global leader in the pool and wellness equipment, Fluidra. 

LEN recognizes Fluidra as its "Official Partner" for temporary swimming pools and equipment

A partnership deal from 2021 through 2025

The partnership deal is for four years, from 2021 through 2025 and LEN recognizes Fluidra as its "Official Partner" for temporary swimming pools and equipment.

"We are happy to welcome Fluidra among our partners, it's an honor for the LEN Family to have such a highly rated multinational company behind us", LEN President Paolo Barelli said upon announcing the new partnership with the Spain-based firm, specialized in several fields of aquatics, including pool and wellness facilities construction.

"European Aquatics constantly prove its quality as the leading continent in the world and LEN is committed to support its national Federations, athletes, coaches and officials to maintain this top level" president Barelli added. "To achieve this goal, we need great partners and having Fluidra on board, we are confident that we'll have more success in the coming years and offer more support to the future hosts of the premium LEN Events."

Ignacio Elburgo, General Manager of Fluidra Engineering: "With this agreement we give continuity to the alliances we are building with major world organizations in the field of water sports, a discipline that is closely linked to our activity. We hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come, as it is an honor for us to support the LEN in its events, as well as to contribute to the improvement of the facilities for the use of athletes. This sponsorship complements the agreements already in place between Fluidra and the Swimming Union of the Americas (UANA), the Oceania Swimming Association (OSA) and the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN). In this way, the company continues to demonstrate its firm commitment and collaboration with the major continental organizations".