Fluidra, the global leader in pool and wellness equipment, will be tasked with developing the project to build the pools at the Cebada Municipal Sports Center in Madrid, located at iconic Plaza de la Cebada in the La Latina neighborhood.

Fluidra in charge of supplying, renovation, installation and supervision

Two pools and a range of swimming competition products and accessories

The turnkey project will see Fluidra in charge of supplying the products plus installing and supervising the works. The system chosen for the project is the Skypool renovation panel, a company-patented technological solution comprising prefabricated stainless-steel panels fastened to a concrete block then covered with PVC-P coating.

After developing the project, the center will have two pools. The first will be semi-Olympic in size (25×16.5m) with a depth ranging from 1.8 to 2.2 meters. There will also be a 12.5×6m teaching pool with a depth of between 0.7 and 1 meter.

Fluidra will provide a range of competition products and accessories including a 16.5m platform for podiums, eight 0.4-meter-high starting blocks, six retractable anchors for indicator posts, and 18 retractable anchors for lane ropes.

The project is expected to last two months and a project management team from the company will provide technical support throughout the construction process.