Harvia Plc has signed up an exclusive distribution agreement with Bergman Ltd, of Tokyo, Japan, for its Harvia and Almost Heaven Saunas brands on the 12th of October 2021.

To build "real Finnish sauna" into Japanese lifestyle

Bergman has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and selling branded European heating devices in Japan. The company has strong engineering and technical knowledge in design, installation, and after-sales services. 

Bergman's sales & marketing network operate nationwide focusing on commercial projects, condominium and private houses on the consumer market. The company, which has headquarters in Tokyo, plans to open 50 Harvia Sauna & Spa showrooms in Japan within the next 3 years.

"Our challenge is to build "real Finnish sauna" into Japanese lifestyle by building 50 Harvia Sauna & Spa showrooms in Japan within the next 3 years. Our activities will help Harvia to grow to be the number one brand in both construction industries, small house and condominium, and commercial projects," says Seiji Kasama, CEO of Bergman Ltd.

Harvia Sauna & Spa showroom

Harvia Sauna & Spa showroom

There are an estimated 26 million sauna users, equivalent to 20% of the total population in Japan. 3.4 million are heavy sauna users, the local term "saunners", experiencing sauna several times per week.  Sauna lifestyle with its health effects has become increasingly popular in Japan since the COVID-19 pandemic started.     

"Japan has a mature spa culture. It also has an evolving sauna market and Harvia has been supplying heaters to Japan for some 15 years. What we've been missing until now is the right strategic partner. Bergman is sharing Harvia's vision: by combining our sauna and spa expertise with Bergman's local knowledge, technical know-how, and resources we will be creating a strong and dynamic player for growing our market areas together", says Tapio Pajuharju, CEO of Harvia Plc.

The distribution partnership with Bergman will help Harvia to continue the expand its geographical presence with an opportunity to grow the average purchase.

"Together with Bergman we can challenge the market leader and from this on the Japanese market will become a significant one to Harvia. We are very pleased to have CEO Seiji Kasama and Team Bergman with us building the sauna market in Japan," Pajuharju concludes.

(Press release)