A group of Spanish professional cyclists were recently interviewed by Europe's largest hot tub distributor Superior Wellness, who praised the use of hot tubs after exercise. Ziortza Villa, ultra-cycling champion, Adrian Garcia, semi-professional cyclist and Alvaro Robredo, ex professional cyclist visited the Reyman Electrobombas showroom in Gordexola, Spain to put hot tubs to the test.

Alvaro ROBREDO, Ziorzta VILLA and Adrián GARCÍA

Alvaro ROBREDO, Ziorzta VILLA and Adrián GARCÍA

Spanish professional cyclists interviewed by Superior Wellness

Professional cycling is one of the hardest sports for the human body due to the length of its stages or the physical demands of its races. Combining cycling and hot tubs makes perfect sense with the aim being to provide muscle recovery therapy, elimination of toxins and mental relaxation after a long period of stress to which the body has been subjected to. 

The three cyclists took a dip in one of the Platinum Spas hot tubs at the Spanish showroom. 

Ziorzta Villa said: "The hot tub really helps to relieve and strengthen the muscle tone and will also prevent overloads and injuries." Adrian Garcia said: "Being in the warm water was the perfect muscle recovery therapy. I felt recharged and renewed." 

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After seven seasons in professional cycling Alvaro Robredo knows the importance of recovery and how massage can aid this. He said: "Apart from the contrasts with the temperature of the water, hot or cold, water always relaxes your muscles and sometimes something that you can't do with your hands, you relax more with water."

Superior Wellness have already seen a huge growth in Spain and are looking for new partners to work with.  

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