Fundació Fluidra facilitates access to water for everyone

Fluidra and Fundació Fluidra organized Fluidra Day last March within the framework of its Responsibility Blueprint ESG Plan and in commemoration of World Water Day 2021. This competition for its employees is designed to identify and promote charity projects in all corners of the world to bring swimming pools and, therefore, the well-being and benefits that water provides to underprivileged groups.

The challenge of the competition was to facilitate the use and enjoyment of swimming pools for people who currently lack easy access to them. These are disadvantaged population groups that include low-income households, people with functional diversity and the elderly.

The 6 winning projects of Fluidra Day 2021 received a donation

The six winning projects of Fluidra Day 2021, selected by Fundació Fluidra's Board of Trustees, were: Bswim; Ciriac; the Asociación Síndrome de Down Castellón (Castellón Down Syndrome Association); Just Against Children Drowning Foundation; Associação de rehabilitaçäo da criaça deficiente Säo José do Rio Preto, and Ikigaï éducation inclusive.
All the winning organizations and institutions in the "Inclusive Pool 2021" competition received a donation of EUR5,000, and this support from Fundació Fluidra is estimated to have a positive impact on a total of 2,254 people.

All the selected projects, while at different levels of development, are underway:

  • Bswim (Barcelona, Spain) is an organization specialized in offering training adapted to individual needs. The donation will make it possible for 14 children and adolescents affected by rare diseases to participate in a weekly individualized aquatic activity.
  • Fundació Fluidra has already signed a collaboration agreement with Ciriac (Guadalajara, México), a center specializing in education and rehabilitation for people with cerebral palsy through hydrotherapy activities, with a focus on promoting the physical development of children.
  • The project that the Asociación Síndrome de Down Castellón (Castellón, Spain) is developing with the support of Fundació Fluidra primarily involves facilitating pool use and enjoyment through weekly swimming lessons for more than 40 people over the age of 16 with learning disabilities.
  • Finally, follow-up meetings have been scheduled with the other beneficiaries of Fluidra Day 2021 to promote the diverse projects related to community pool use and enjoyment around the world.

About the Fundació Fluidra

Fundació Fluidra wants to do their bit for a better world through who they are and what they believe in. They like partnerships and teamwork. They dedicate their expertise and financing to inclusive pools, water, and culture. They want to ensure that all people have access to pools and swimming and the therapeutic benefits they provide.
They facilitate access to water for the development of disadvantaged regions and believe in culture as a backbone of society. To learn more about Fundació Fluidra, visit