In 2019, FITT celebrated its first 50 years in business and placed sustainability at the heart of its future strategy.

Long-term societal and ecological commitments

In FITT's vision, being a sustainable company means achieving an ideal balance, in order to create value for people and the environment, in addition to economic value. This requires work, time and a continuous improvement path.

The manufacturer of swimming pool tubes and pipes becomes a Benefit company

For this reason, FITT decided to change its legal form and become a Benefit Company. This also meant changing its statute and add, to the aim of making a profit, the public and official commitment of a positive impact on society and the biosphere, by operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner. 
Although an Italian family business, FITT is most of all a multinational group with several production sites in Europe and sales offices all over the world. Hence the need to adopt international references and the consequent adhesion to the UN Global Compact.

Adhesion to the UN Global Compact

Launched in 1999 by the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the UN Global Compact is today a voluntary subscription to a set of principles that promote the values of sustainability as a long-term commitment, through responsible political actions, business practices, and social and civic behaviours that also take account of future generations.

In terms of production, FITT's responsibility journey goes through four fundamental actions: measure, know, improve and compensate.

To improve its impact on the environment, FITT must first measure it and understand it

For this reason, for its leading products it carries out a life cycle analysis in partnership with Centro Studi Qualità e Ambiente (Centre for Quality and Environmental Studies) - CESQA - of the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Padua . The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an empirical tool based on the collection and analysis of data that enables the scientific mapping of impacts, the identification of areas for improvement and transparent communication to all stakeholders.

Furthermore, FITT invests in innovation, in the search for revolutionary materials capable of guaranteeing the same - or in some cases even better - performance, with less use of raw materials.

The company also follows the Ecodesign philosophy and the application of its three fundamental principles: reduce, reuse and recycle. In designing its products, the Vicenza-based company takes into account the environmental impacts of all the stages of their life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the "end of life", to ensure maximum compatibility of the components during disposal.

"It may seem like a contradiction to have a company that works with plastic whilst at the same time claiming to be sustainable." says Alessandro Mezzalira, CEO of FITT. "For transporting liquids and gases, the ability to use plastic is critical. Because of some of its properties, plastic is in fact not just the best performing material, but often the one with the lowest environmental impact among those available today.

This is why day after day we invest in research and development of new materials, and measure our performance: to improve our work and our impact.

We know that our journey is going to be long, and that it will not always be easy. But we have developed a high level of awareness, and we feel highly responsible, both as a company and a community of people, which I am sure will lead us on the right path to turn our business model from extractive to regenerative."

Another attention: that given to its employees. FITT is TOP-JOB 2021-2022 and approved an unlimited time smart working policy.