Plastipack Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Directors, Tim Fielder as Commercial Director and Steve Harris as Finance Director, effective from 1st January 2022.

Tim Fielder, Commercial Director and Steve Harris, Finance Director

Both Directors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise within their own fields. Knowing the role of a director is challenging Tim and Steve were chosen for their balanced skills and experience of which would be appropriate for the size and requirements of the business. The strong teams working under them both will allow them time to focus on the company strategy and maintain Plastipack's goals and objectives.

Plastipack Ltd are a manufacturer of energy and resource saving products, and the creator of the unique GeoBubble(TM) technology. We are focused on the preservation of water resources and the reduction of energy and chemical consumption through sustainable solutions. Providing high quality performance materials to specialist fabricators, we operate as a niche manufacturer of sustainable floating solutions for the swimming pool, industrial and agricultural markets.