SPATA (and its forerunner, the Association of Swimming Pool Contractors) has set the standards in the pool industry for more than sixty years. These standards are renowned throughout the world. As part of the SPATA membership package, contractors are provided with a comprehensive set of standards (and supplements) to provide guidance on pool construction standards expected by industry experts with British and European standards at their core. 

Standards in the pool industry renowned throughout the world

The 2017 version of the Standards has recently been updated with Amendment 3:2022. The changes are straightforward to find, as the black font used for the standard has been updated with green font for changes between 2017 and 2020 and with purple font used for changes from now onwards. 

SPATA has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, from its formation in 1961, when six companies made a small but significant contribution to the future of the UK Pool industry to set up the 'Association of Swimming Pool Contractors'. In these early days, it was recognised that industry standards would need continual review and updating. Several specialist sub-committees were set up to carry this out, which are in place to this day, served on by various industry experts. By the beginning of the 1970s, the Association's reputation was established, and it was regularly consulted by government departments and others on matters of safety, trade practice etc. The membership reflected the wider spread of industry interests, and it was decided to recognise this in 1971 by changing the Association's name to the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA). 

Jumping forward to the present day, there has been an immense amount of work carried out by the trade association and many changes over the years. SPATA continues its work in those formative years and has embraced the industry's changes and consumer demands to grow its many facets. Today the role of the Trade Association is to work with companies involved in building swimming pools and spa pools so that they are working to British and European Standards. Members are expected to work to SPATA Standards and abide by a Code of Ethics set out by SPATA, helping the pool industry firmly establish the high quality of work companies working to these industry recognised Standards. 

All new members of SPATA receive a hard copy of the standards, and any updates and supplements are made available to all members in digital format via the online Members' Hub, which provides access to the standards, supplements and a host of helpful information and online resources, easily accessible for members and viewable on any digital device with internet access.

Copies of the Standards (including Supplements) will also be made available to architects and other allied professionals for £495 per copy (Plus P&P), but pool installers and those companies that work predominantly within the wet leisure industry are expected to be SPATA Members, to benefit from the wealth of knowledge contained from within the publication. (Company identification is required before purchase). 

The Standards continue to evolve, with new legislation or regulations being considered, with SPATA's Technical Committee leading the revisions on the Standards at their regular meetings, to check for any amendments or additions that need to be considered.