To meet the new needs as best as possible of professionals in the swimming pool and wellness sector, CF Group Benelux, manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool equipment for professionals and communities, offers new services such as training for swimming pool specialists in Belgium or a new platform for its prefabricated swimming pools in polypropylene Bluefino.

CF Group Benelux has been manufacturing and distributing swimming pool equipment for over 60 years

CF Group Benelux is part of the CF Group. A European leader in the production and distribution of swimming pool equipment for professionals and communities, CF Group operates in 40 countries, has over 1000 employees and generates a turnover of over EUR300 million. The group also has 12 production sites. 

In order to offer a wide range of quality products, CF Group Benelux works with over 80 recognised partners in the world of swimming pools for their professional and high-quality services and products which they have been supplying for many years.

New services for swimming pool and wellness professionals

To meet the new needs as best as possible of professionals in the swimming pool and wellness sector, CF Group Benelux has recently renovated its showroom and unveiled several new services:

  • The CF Group Academy, with free training for swimming pool specialists
  • The CF Trust, an express repair service for professionals 
  • The Bluefino platform, a new website to showcase polypropylene swimming pools 

With a view to continuously developing these services, CF Group Benelux is also planning to completely redesign their standard online store for 2022/2023.

Thanks to its highly qualified colleagues, CF Group Benelux's goal is to become the best partner in its sector by offering high-end, state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment, as well as appropriate services for professionals' current and future needs.

Swimming pool equipment CF Group

CF Group manufactures and distributes high-end, state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment

Training for swimming pool specialists in Belgium

CF Group Benelux, which makes the point of constantly monitoring technology, offers several completely free training programmes for swimming pool specialists on various subjects (home automation, heating, water treatment, liner soldering, etc).

This training for swimming pool specialists is required so that the swimming pool equipment available in their catalogue is used properly. CF Group therefore ensures that professionals can keep training and cope with the constant evolution of available products on the market. 

This training is often accompanied by friendly discussions with the partners and sales or technical teams of CF Group Benelux.

Free training for swimming pool specialists in Belgium CF Group Academy

The CF Group Academy, free training for swimming pool specialists in Belgium

CF Trust, a fast repair service for swimming pool professionals

To quickly and effectively meet the urgent needs of professionals at the construction site, CF Group Benelux has been offering a brand new express repair service since the start of 2022, the CF Trust*.

In fact, when a professional encounters a problem with swimming pool equipment at the construction site, it is sometimes difficult to get spare parts and the process can occasionally be long, often pushing back deadlines promised to the end customers.

Thanks to this new warranty offered by the CF Trust service, you can now replace any faulty swimming pool equipment in just 1 or 2 days.

The steps are simple to use the warranty: just call their technical service. A technician then runs full diagnostics at the construction site or by video call. Once the file has been approved, CF Group sends the replacement product by express delivery (the same day or the day after) for free, so the repair can be made as quickly as possible. Once the repair has been made, the professional then has 30 days to return the faulty equipment.  

*This service is only available for CF Group Benelux customers and on all CF Group products (indicated by a pictogram in their catalogue) under warranty in the following areas: The essentials - Custom-made - Maintenance and water treatment - Solutions.

A prefabricated swimming pool that meets all needs

The Bluefino polypropylene swimming pool 

In response to the constant evolution in the world of prefabricated swimming pools, CF Group Benelux has created the Bluefino brand, so the swimming pool of consumers' dreams is more within reach. There are many advantages to a Bluefino brand polypropylene swimming pool. These prefabricated swimming pools are sturdy, quick to install, modular and ready to use in just 4 to 6 weeks.

The Bluefino prefabricated polypropylène pool

The Bluefino, the prefabricated swimming pool in polypropylene

A new European platform for the Bluefino polypropylene swimming pool brand

In light of the success of Bluefino prefabricated swimming pools, CF Group Benelux recently announced the launch of a brand new European platform dedicated to this brand of polypropylene swimming pools. The result of close collaboration between several of the group's subsidiaries, this new website is available in 5 languages.

More than just a digital showcase, the new Bluefino platform is a real marketing tool and can be used as sales support for professionals.

In order to meet the many needs as best as possible for these polypropylene swimming pools, CF Group Benelux is planning a second development phase which will begin very soon and will include new features like a configurator.

Would you like to know more about CF Group Benelux products and services? Get in touch with them at the following address [email protected] or on the number: 02 648 17 82.