Unchanged for the past 6 years, the tax-inclusive public sales prices of Toucan products are changing in order to compensate for the major price increases that are impacting the production chain. The manufacturer recommends the following prices for its 3 flagship products: EUR14.95 for the Net'Skim® box of 12, EUR12.80 for the Water Lily® box of 6, and EUR8.65 for the Pool'Gom® box of 3. Toucan invites professionals to consult their usual distributors for the rest of the range. The brand advises the respect of this recommendation in order to avoid creating price differences that are likely to disrupt the market. 

A brand that communicates well 

Toucan range products are well established in the pool world and are recognised by all retailers in the sector today. The secret? Constant communication with professionals, powerful POS merchandising and the friendly image of a leading range on the market, with ultra-positive customer and retailer feedback.  

Toucan cleaning and maintenance products for pools and spas now offer a refreshed visual identity, which was modernised in 2019 with a much more visible logo, reworked colours and graphics, as well as clear information for the customer. The company's aim: to make life easier for the customers who use its products, but also for wholesale partners and their professional pool customers! For the latter, the focus is placed on easy merchandising as well as effective marketing.  

In 2020, Net'Line® underwent a makeover: its Doy Pack packaging is more economical (300 ml), less bulky, and is easier to stock and present. This year, Toucan has launched a free all-in-one display stand to present the entire range (including Easy Pool'Gom®) on a single sales support, which obviously facilitates not only sales but also restocking. 

The brand's efforts also focus on those private customers who do not yet use its products in France. This summer, and for the first time, they were able to discover on TV (BFMTV) a short, effective and friendly advert (see the Toucan Productions Facebook page), presenting the range and its iconic blue bird. 

spot publicitaire Toucan

Toucan TV advert