The Vicenza-based group, leader in the development of fluid transfer solutions for domestic, professional and industrial use, and the Made-In-Italy domestic irrigation player, join forces to accelerate their growth path in the name of sustainability.

Fitt and Claber join forces to accelerate their growth path in the name of sustainability

In addition to belonging to the Italian North East, synonymous with marriage of technological innovation and Made-In-Italy excellence, FITT and Claber, both founded in 1969, share a way of doing business that is deeply rooted in the core values of two families, Mezzalira and Spadotto, who have been able to make a difference by establishing their presence in the market whilst respecting their territory and their ties with the same.

It was precisely this common denominator that brought to an immediate understanding between the two companies that led to the signing of an agreement thanks to which Claber is now part of the FITT Group.

There have been in fact in the past many opportunities for collaboration between the two companies, based on exchange of skills and business synergies that have paved the way for this acquisition, result of the desire to pool mutual knowledge in both the material and IOT fields and the choice to place social responsibility at the centre of our work in order to grow together, rather than resorting to more immediate solutions such as selling off to large foreign groups or relocating production.

Claber has today around 180 employees spread across its 2 production sites and logistics centre in the province of Pordenone, in Italy. In 2021, it reached a turnover of 39 million Euro thanks to its business activities in Italy and in more than 80 countries around the world.

This new venture will allow FITT to strengthen its offer of complete domestic irrigation solutions, combining the innovation of sustainable materials with an efficient and responsible management of the use of an increasingly precious resource such as water. "FITT has long placed sustainability at the heart of its business decisions, directing its investments towards products that aim to be carbon neutral. This venture stems from the desire to bring together the technological skills and R&D results of Claber and FITT to respond to people's growing ecological and social awareness, while at the same time promoting at international level the human and industrial expertise heritage of our territory," says Alessandro Mezzalira, President of FITT.

Claber finds in FITT a company that shares its founding values such as the bond with the territory and the responsibility of doing business, and the ideal partner for continuity and future development. "Doing business today means facing an era of global challenges that require not only to prepare for and manage change, but also to become protagonists, implementing new initiatives and synergies, leading the market, rather than reacting to it. This is why I believe that joining the FITT Group will revitalise the development of the company," says Gian Luigi Spadotto, President of Claber.