The 2023 edition of the leading exhibition in Italy for the swimming pool and spa sector, both indoor and outdoor, closed with the satisfaction of companies, operators, stakeholders and institutions. The positive trend was confirmed by more than 6,000 visitors. The prestigious programme of events and conferences, which kicked off with the participation of the Head of the Department for Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Flavio Siniscalchi, also increased interest in the event. Excellent feedback also for the 10th International Conference on Swimming Pool & Spa (ICSPS).

The partnerships activated by ForumPiscine-Outex to network with the production and service areas that intersect the many souls of the aquatic sector are increasingly important.

A prestigious programme of events and conferences

The 14th edition of ForumPiscine, the international event, leader in Italy, for the entire swimming pool and spa supply chain, ended with great satisfaction of the operators, organisations and institutions, and was accompanied by the preview of Outex - Outdoor & Leisure Experience, the exhibition project focused on products and services connected to the conception, fruition and management of the outdoor space. 

Rossana PROLA et Paolo FERRARIO

Rossana PROLA and Paolo FERRARIO ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Staged at BolognaFiere, it was a winning and well-integrated match that allowed the three-day event to grow and broaden its horizons, bringing together authoritative voices from the swimming pool, sports, spa, wellness, tourism and hospitality sectors.

More than 6,000 visitors arrived from all over Italy and abroad to discover the novelties of the 2023 edition and get in touch with companies and buyers from the many sectors involved. The various professionals present at the fair were fully satisfied: managers of public and private facilities, builders and installers, manufacturers and distributors, architects, planners and landscapers, technicians, public administration and private individuals.

Stand Azenco ForumPiscine 2023

Azenco stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

It was a unique opportunity for the entire industry, which came together in Bologna with the aim of gathering information, developing business and strengthening partnerships, anticipating and launching trends, presenting and proposing products, services and technologies for those who design or want to renovate, manage and improve the efficiency of swimming pools and spas, and design outdoor spaces having the water element at their centre.

Stand CCEI ForumPiscine 2023

CCEI stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

"During these three intense days, we have gathered unanimous consensus and satisfaction. As interest in ForumPiscine grows, the validity of the intuition that led us to bet on the addition of Outex, the innovative event dedicated to the outdoor that will allow us to attract a sector rich in potential to favour infinite synergies with the world of pools and spas, is confirmed. A positive feedback also emerges from the harmony and synergy with associations, professional orders and partner federations with whom we are already developing important projects and initiatives. 

Federico Maestrami

Federico Maestrami ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

For the next edition, great novelties are already in the pipeline, starting with the expansion of Outex that, together with ForumPiscine, already makes the appointment for February 14-16, 2024" comments Federico Maestrami, director of Piscine Oggi magazine and CEO of Editrice Il Campo.

Stand Emec ForumPiscine 2023

Emec stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Bologna sets the agenda for the swimming pool, spa and outdoor sector

From the sustainability of the pool to the reform of sports and sports work, from the regulations that govern the sector to the most innovative trends for the world of pools: there were numerous and precious opportunities for the business community of ForumPiscine to network during the event.

David Coniglio sur le stand de Filtrinov

Filtrinov stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Starting with the topics focused on by the Head of the Department for Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Flavio Siniscalchi, who focused in particular on support for the sector by the State, announcing in advance at ForumPiscine the start of the disbursement of the 53 million euro foreseen for sports facilities and the programme of further aid for the sector, which will continue in 2023 with another 60 million for swimming facilities and 50 million for sports facilities.

Stand Lovibond ForumPiscine 2023

Lovibond stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

The speech by Stefano Besseghini, President of ARERA, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and Environments, was also highly topical for the future of the aquatic sector. He outlined the energy scenario expected for the coming months and gave visibility to the initiatives put in place to support self-production and self-consumption of energy, inviting operators to verify the extensibility of these solutions to the swimming pool sector.

Stand Ma.Ri.Pool ForumPiscine 2023

Ma.Ri.Pool stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

There was particular interest in the seminars dedicated to the correct management of hygiene and safety in public swimming pools (sports, wellness, recreational or in tourist contexts) developed by UNPISI, the Technical-Scientific Association that brings together prevention technicians in the environment and workplaces, as well as the meeting dedicated to managers of large facilities promoted by FIN - Italian Swimming Federation and the presentation of the new "National Collective Labour Contract for Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance Companies" and the Master Pool Building by AcquaNet - Swimming Pool Association. 

Stand Chemartis ForumPiscine 2023

Chemartis stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

For its part, Assopiscine proposed the ISO certification project for Quality Swimming Pools and Wellness, while FAITA-Federcamping gave space to the debate on the new European Directive 2020/2184 on drinking water, which also impacts on the management of water networks inside facilities open to the public, including campsites, sports facilities and swimming pools. An increasingly strategic partnership with AIAPP, the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, with which the foundations were laid for the development of educational activities on the world of the outdoor.

Stand Polimpianti ©EuroSpaPoolNews

Polimpianti stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

With the intent to give clear and univocal representation to the sector and to take action to offer concrete answers to managers, CONGEPI, the National Confederation of Swimming Pool Managers, an organisation representing the regional committees of: AssoNuoto (Veneto); Associazione Interregionale Piscine (Abruzzo, Lazio, Puglia); Associazione Gestori Piscine Marche (Marche); SIGIS (Lombardia, Campania, Sicilia); Insieme si Vince (Liguria); Associazione Piscine Emilia-Romagna (Emilia Romagna). The Confederation represents a large part of pool operators at national level, a sector that has around 3,000 facilities, over 200,000 employees and 5,000,000 users per year.

Stand Elbe ForumPiscine 2023

Elbe stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

EuroSpaPoolNews was of course present. Visitors were able to discover our EuroSpaPoolNews Speciale Italia 2023 distributed at the show.

EuroSpaPoolNews Speciale Italia 2023

EuroSpaPoolNews Speciale ITALIA 2023 distributed at ForumPiscine ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

10th International Conference on Swimming Pool & Spa (ICSPS)

Three intense days of in-depth scientific study and exchange of best practices and new discoveries - also presented in a very well-attended poster area - that brought together more than 100 researchers, professors and experts from the international academic world and the most prestigious Health Institutes, for the first time united in an exhibition, on the occasion of the 10th edition of ICSPS, the world conference dedicated to the safety and quality of water in spas and pools organized by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the University of Rome 'Foro Italico', together with ForumPiscine.

Stand Hexagone ForumPiscine 2023

Hexagone Italia stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Partners, patrons and sponsors

The event's partners are numerous and important: FIN - Italian Swimming Federation; FoRST - Foundation for thermal scientific research, and the category associations; Acquanet - Associazione Piscine; AIAPP - Associazione Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio; Assopiscine - Associazione Italiana Piscine e Wellness; FAITA - Federcamping, Coordinamento Associazioni Gestori Impianti natatori, from which CONGEPI was born; UNPISI, the association that brings together prevention technicians; ICS - Istituto per il Credito Sportivo. The event enjoys the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region; its Top Sponsors are Aquatech Group-DFM, Led Italy, NoviNato, and Polimpianti; the Sponsors are Barchemicals, Emec, G&G Partners, Griffon, Lacus Piscine, Mc Home, PoolSider, and Soprema.

See you in Bologna from 14 to 16 February 2024 for the next edition of ForumPiscine!

Stand Poolex ForumPiscine 2023

Poolex by Amazing stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Stand Italian Pool ForumPiscine 2023

Italian Pool stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Stand VGE ForumPiscine 2023

VGE stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Stand Milite Formwork ForumPiscine 2023

Piscine Milite stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Stand my Milla ForumPiscine 2023

Milla stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Stand Poolsider ForumPiscine 2023

Poolsider stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews

Stand Kinedo ForumPiscine 2023

 Kinedo stand ©Photo by EuroSpaPoolNews