VÁGNER POOL is a renowned producer and wholesale distributor of swimming pool technology and accessories, with almost 30 years of tradition. With more than 10.000 m2 of warehouse space it has become one of the large wholesale players on the European pool market, being active in more than 30 countries all over the world.

A new warehouse in Girona for fast and comfortable shipments

The company has recently opened a new warehouse in Girona, offering a wide range of products for pool companies from Spain, Canary Islands, Malta, Portugal and other countries - either in Europe or overseas.

Their portfolio contains own products as well as products form other renowned world manufacturers, ranging from quality construction parts to intelligent control systems. VÁGNER POOL is also a specialist for swimming pool heating systems. All products are high-quality, featuring among others stainless-steel components, intelligent pool control systems, reel systems, etc. Representing other brands, some of those as an exclusive supplier, the company offers heat pumps, water pumps, filter tanks, dosing systems, pool liners and other pool products for either private or public pools.

All products are available for shipment from Girona, Prague or Zadar, in order to be delivered as quickly as possible. Fast and comfortable shipments, together with excellent customer service - those are the main goals of the VÁGNER POOL team.

Selected stainless steel products Vagner Pool

Selected stainless steel products by VÁGNER POOL