USSPA, a member of BISHTA, situated in Dolni Dobrouc, Czech Republic, achieved distinction by securing 4 coveted BISHTA Awards at the 2024 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards ceremony which took place on Tuesday, 6th February as an integral part of the Industry Gala Evening organised by BSPF. 

4 USSPA Hot Tubs and Swim Spa receive a gold Award

The results were revealed at SPATEX. The award entries are judged by a panel of peers from the hot tub industry to assess their technical merit to meet industry standards as a minimum requirement. With 10 BISHTA award categories available to enter, the winning and highly commended entries for this year exemplify the industry's abundant talent and the steadfast commitment to quality and service from BISHTA members. Chris Hayes, Managing Director of SPATA and BISHTA, praised the winning companies for their exceptional quality of work and expressed optimism for their continued success. The event received generous support from various partners and sponsors, underscoring the industry's collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence.

The following achievements receive a Gold Award:

  • Residential Hot Tubs £7,000 to £14,000 (Overall Winner and GOLD STANDARD)
  • Residential Hot Tubs £14,000 and Over (GOLD STANDARD)
  • Swim/Exercise Spas (GOLD STANDARD and GOLD STANDARD)

Residential Hot Tubs between £7,000 to £14,000 USSPA

Gold Standard and Overall Winner in the category of Residential Hot Tubs between £7,000 to £14,000

Gold Standard Award in the category of Swim / Exercise Spas USSPA

Gold Standard Award in the category of Swim / Exercise Spas

Gold Award Swim / Exercise Spas BISHTA awards 2024 USSPA

Gold Standard Award in the category of Swim / Exercise Spas

Jan Kadlec of USSPA commented: "USSPA stands as a luxury hot tub company, where the outstanding quality and meticulous design evident in our products reflect the foundation of our work. We adopt a personalised approach, crafting made-to-order items of exceptionally high standards. Our clientele comprises individuals with discerning tastes, and we tailor our spas to meet their exacting requirements for technology, design, and comfort. 

Having recently become a member of BISHTA in July 2023, this marks our inaugural participation in the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards. We take immense pride in being recognised by BISHTA with four Gold Standard Awards, a true testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and superior quality ".

These awards not only recognise companies for their outstanding work, honouring technical expertise and aesthetic achievements, but they also create an inspiring showcase of award-winning projects for consumers to explore for their own initiatives. This instils confidence in consumers, as they are assured that every company, as a member of the trade association, is obliged to adhere to British and European standards and conduct business with a commitment to ethics.

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