EuroSpaPoolNews was at SPATEX 2024 and met a lot of major actors of the UK Swimming Pool Industry. Among them, we interviewed Bernard Bell-McManus, Sales Executive for ITS Europe. 

The Safe Swim meter demonstrated at SPATEX 2024

Bernard, could you briefly present yourself and give us a short introduction of who you are and what you do at ITS?

Bernard bell-McManus: Absolutely. I'm the Sales Executive for ITS Europe. I've been in the company for nearly a year now. I spent the last 6 years in and out of the Pool industry working as a lifeguard, a manager, looking after pools with the water chemistry and water balance and then, just a mixture of background in Sales.

Could you tell us some more about the products you showcase here at the Spatex show and do you also, of course, present the new meter, the Safe Swim?

Bernard bell-McManus: Yes, absolutely. The Safe Swim meter is what we are looking at advertising this year round at Spatex. It's a brand new meter that's been aimed towards the domestic market to bring the simplicity, accuracy and repeatability of professional meters to the domestic market at a price point which is affordable.

And, how would you actually judge... how was Safe Swim received by the professionals?

Bernard bell-McManus: The professionals say they've loved it. It's the same build quality and usability as professionals. We haven't deviated. It's just an adaption so it's still the same patent and delivery system descrips. So they love it really.