EuroSpaPoolNews Special SPRING 2024, to be published in April 2024, will present new products, equipment and innovations to European swimming pool and wellness professionals before the season. A double print and digital format not to be missed.

A print and digital journal distributed in Europe to boost your season 

Promote your new features, your flagship product, your products and equipment to players in the swimming pool and wellness market in Europe by communicating in this special issue. 

Optimise your communication on the European market

EuroSpaPoolNews Special Spring is : 

  • bilingual PRINT edition (French and English) printed in 8,000 copies and sent to professionals across Europe
  • A DIGITAL version sent to over 20,000 subscribers, giving access to all the articles in 5 languages (Italian, Spanish, German, French and English) published on the EuroSpaPoolNews website.

EuroSpaPoolNews Spécial SPRING

All the articles in EuroSpaPoolNews Special Spring 2024 will be available and clickable in 5 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and German).

A complete publication supported via our website and social media networks

  • All the articles will be covered in our weekly newsletters, in 5 languages
  • Articles posted and expanded on our  Facebook and LinkedIn social networks.

Don't miss this opportunity to increase your visibility on the European market. For further information, please, contact us.

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