OCEA UK is the distributor of HydroStar and EasyStar - the famous counter-current swimming systems from Binder. 

Interview with Alan Thorne

Why did you choose to market these NCC turbines?

Alan Thorne: We saw the potential in the Binder HydroStar and EasyStar approximately 10 years ago, we were aware of other counter-current systems on the market and their limitations. Binder products are created with German engineering and they were ahead of their time in creating a turbine driven system without relying on hydraulic power and they offer the only maintenance free turbine on the market. We realise that anything underwater is difficult to service so this is a huge bonus for pool companies and users that it is maintenance free. Ocea UK also supply Pool cover system motors that are manufactured by Binder, so we had the confidence in their engineering and quality from our experience over the years. 

What do you think are their strengths?

Alan Thorne: The number one benefit of HydroStar and EasyStar is the unique swimming sensation that you experience. The turbine creates a strong, even current and ensures that the swimmers' legs are pushed upwards and they can swim in an ideal position against the current. There are 8 different models available and you will find one to suit families with young children, recreational swimmers, all the way up to models for competitive athletic training. Here at Ocea UK we are knowledgeable on the range and can assist in helping determine the correct model for the home or commercial pool owner. 

There are options to add LED Lighting and an impressive Training App for Android and iOS so that swimmers can set their own training programs to complete and over time they increase the level of current. Each model has 6 incremental power levels inbuilt, which provides both a challenge and improved health and fitness. This makes in an excellent long-term investment because you aren't just getting one level of power from the unit, it can be adjusted to suit each user that gets in the pool.

Did you install one of it yet? Did you try it? Where?

Alan Thorne: We have just opened a new Training and Learning Centre in our new Warehouse facility in Oxfordshire, England and a test pool is in the pipeline so that we can invite users to trial the unit. Currently Binder welcome visitors to their Showrooms in Hameln and Frankfurt for trial swimming. I have tried the unit myself and that's when we decided we wanted to represent the product in the UK Market. 

What is the feedback from your customers who use it? What makes the difference?

We have had such positive feedback from our customers and they cannot believe how easy it is to install, it only needs a 24VDC cable. You can introduce the HydroStar at build stage and it sits seamlessly in the pool wall or steps. There is also the option to retrofit with an EasyStar model that is mounted over the side of the pool. You can specify for different pool finishes including concrete tile, liner, fibreglass and stainless steel, so there are no limitations when you choose Binder. Customers are also impressed with how quiet the models are, noise disturbance is minimum. There is also no need to wear a swimming cap as Binder products pass the hair entrapment regulations, making your swimming experience more comfortable overall. 

Ocea UK are looking for Pool companies to join our exclusive Dealer network, representing Binder in the UK Market. 

Alan Thorne at SPATEX 2024 Ocea UK stand

Alan Thorne at SPATEX 2024 on Ocea UK stand