A significant advancement in pool heating technology has been achieved with the development of a new inverter pool heat pump boasting a record-breaking COP of 39, extracting 39x heat per electricity unit. Pioneering TurboSilence AI control and hyper heat exchange systems power this breakthrough, potentially ushering in a new era of pool heating efficiency.

COP 39 pool heat pumps, a breakthrough towards carbon neutrality

Not only does it hold a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title, but it's also revolutionizing outdoor energy efficiency with the advancement of Inverter Technology.

Homes are significant contributors to CO2 emissions, particularly in heating and cooling. Inverter Technology not only enhances the four-season swimming experience but also reduces reliance on fossil fuels, aligning with global climate targets such as those set by the Paris Agreement and advocated by the IPCC. The introduction of COP39 represents a pivotal moment in the progession towards carbon neutrality. 

Fairland's journey from COP16 to COP39 underscores a decade-long commitment to innovation in outdoor living. Inverter technology resonates not only in product engineering but also in its potential to inspire systemic change. With these innovations, Fairland is forging a path towards the All Green iGarden--a vision where intelligence, new energy supply and energy-saving solutions converge to create a more sustainable future.

Embracing COP39, Fairland aims to make a green-intelligence revolution in the industry, advancing towards its vision of a greener, more sustainable world of iGarden.

The Fairland's heat pump hold a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) title

The Fairland's heat pump hold a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title