In our digital era, people long for human connection and togetherness. Tapping into that trend, social bathing and sauna experiences are quickly growing in popularity around the world, according to Global Wellness News's 2024 trend list.

An event for trend, social bathing and sauna experiences

"Tickets are going fast for this year's World Sauna Forum 2024, which reflects the international interest in both the sauna experience and events where people can meet face-to-face," says Carita Harju, founder and executive director of Sauna from Finland. 

Registration for World Sauna Forum 2024 has already come from countries around the world, including Japan, Germany, Canada, the UK, US, Hungary, and Finland. 

According to Harju, there are still tickets left for the two-day event held June 6-7, 2024 in Jyväskylä, in the heart of Finnish Lakeland. But the Sauna and Wellness market exhibition space is already booked solid. The market offers a range of experiences, products, and different pop-up saunas, along with business match-making events. 

This year the World Sauna Forum is collaborating with the Enterprise Europe Network, which is organizing matchmaking events that allow registered participants opportunities to book one-on-one meeting with other registered participants. These B2B meetings are invaluable for networking with potential international partners.

One of the most popular social sauna bathing highlights will be the authentic Finnish sauna evening held at the charming Savutuvan Apaja on Friday, June 7, the evening before National Sauna Day - June 8.

The theme of this year's World Sauna Forum is "The Power of Hot and Cold," that is pairing a hot steam with a cold-water plunge. The Forum takes place June 6-7, which coincides perfectly with Sauna Region Week (June 3-9) which features a range of unique sauna experiences throughout the region. 

World Sauna Forum, the most relaxed business event in the world, is a global gathering of sauna enthusiasts featuring keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and a variety of immersive sauna experiences. Created and organized by the Sauna from Finland organization, it brings together companies, buyers, and professionals.