As 2024 World Environment Day highlights ecological restoration, Aquark presents a new innovation in the pool heat pump industry: the Mr. Silence Bio heat pump prototype powered by InverPad® Turbo Tech.

A new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title for Aquark's Mr. Silence Bio pool heat pump prototype 

Aquark's Mr. Silence Bio pool heat pump prototype succeeded in bringing its self-developed InverPad® Turbo tech to the next level. It has achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title for the quietest pool heat pump (prototype)  - at just 29.69 dB(A) while operating. 

Renowned for its artistic pad design, the InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump has gained recognition for its groundbreaking Turbo application. Mr. Silence Bio embodies the upgrading of the Turbo heat transfer system that perfectly optimizes internal and external aerodynamics. 

It promises the iGarden experience to relax in the 4-season pool and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature or engage in pleasant conversations, free from the disturbance of whirring machines.

Aligned with the vision of "One Family, One iGarden", Aquark looks forward to a future where every home enjoys the bio-friendly peace of "One iGarden, One Mr. Silence".

These industry advancements build upon the progress of continuous and collective efforts beyond limits. The valuable exploration and achievement in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM challenges of quietest pool heat pump (prototype) inspires the Aquark team to engage in innovation passionately for the ultimate iGarden Lifestyle. 

Aquark's Mr. Silence Bio, the quietest pool heat pump

Aquark's Mr. Silence Bio, the quietest pool heat pump

With a shared technical foundation, the available InverPad Turbo® lineups are committed to creating a Bio-friendly iGarden, offering not only extremely silent operation but also robust heating efficiency.