After only 18 months of construction, the new BINDER site in Hameln, Germany, is complete. It houses an ultra-modern production site and offices, including a 7.10 x 2.70 m indoor swimming pool. In total: 15,000 m² of land for these brand-new infrastructures.

Production, warehouse, offices and indoor swimming pool on the same site

Work started in November 2022 on this 15,000 m² plot. Today, the warehouse, production site and offices are united on this new site, for everyone's comfort and optimized customer service for its counter-current swimming systems

The figures for the new BINDER site in Hameln

  • The total site area of approx. 15,000 square metres is roughly equivalent to two football pitches !. 
  • The floor area is approx. 4,275 m2 including the terraces. 
  • The enclosed space amounts to 29,095 m3
  • 26 kilometres of pipework was laid for the underfloor heating, which is powered by district heating, and 8 kilometres of larch wood battens were used as cladding for the wooden façade. 
  • The PV system generates an output of 135 KV. 
  • The new company headquarters was largely built by local businesses and regional companies within a radius of 50 kilometres of Hameln. This not only ensured short distances, but attention was also paid to supporting the regional economy. 

Terrasse du bâtiment administratif

Terrace of the administrative building

The strengths of the new infrastructure

  • Improved processes: By increasing the space available in the production halls, assembly processes and the flow of materials have been optimised, improving the availability of materials at the workplace. 
  • Optimised intralogistics: The warehouse was built in the centre of the production area to ensure short distances to workstations and smooth intralogistics. In addition, the storage capacity was increased to 990 pallet spaces. This means that stock levels can be increased in the event of supply bottlenecks on the procurement market, and material availability / delivery times for customers can be kept constant. 
  • Precision through automation: In order to counteract the general shortage of skilled labour and improve quality even further, a robot welding system for the automation of small and medium-sized series will soon be installed in the additional space. This robot works hand in hand with welding specialists and executes instructions perfectly and precisely. 
  • Communicative working environment: From communication zones to an inner courtyard with its own orchard, open spaces will flourish over the next few years, helping to motivate all employees and increase efficiency and productivity. 
  • Even MORE customer service: BINDER is known as a flexible partner that provides its customers with personal support from planning to implementation. Employees are happy about the restored proximity of all departments, and so, ultimately, customers are not the only ones who will benefit from the new location. 
  • The centrepiece: A building has been constructed between the production and administration areas, which houses the 7.1 x 2.7 m indoor pool. Here, customers and interested parties can get an idea of the performance of the counter-current systems during a trial swim. 

Piscine intérieure du site BINDER

The indoor pool