Here is the episode 7 of the SwimmingPool International podcasts from Behncke! Angela and Michael share their expertise and products to create an elegant swimming-pool with stainless steel.

Exploring Stainless Steel in a pool... 

After 6th podcast about stainless steel pools, Michael Visser, Export Manager at Schmalenberger, and Angela Herrmann, International Sales Manager at Behncke, invite us in episode 7 to explore elegant stainless steel parts to be sealed in swimming pools. 

They present the versatility and elegance of stainless steel, a material that adds both durability and opulence to pool environments. From discussing the risks of corrosion to delving into the different grades suitable for varying salt concentrations, they cover it all.
In this episode, we're joined by Angela and Michael, each sharing their expertise and products to help you create a dream pool. 

stainless steel pool nozzle

Stainless steel pool nozzle

Discover the advantages of stainless steel, from its durability to its customizable nature, and learn how to properly care for it both underwater and around the pool perimeter.
But their exploration doesn't stop there. They introduce something new: the Black Line or Black Diamond Line!
Whether you're a pool enthusiast or a design aficionado, this episode is sure to inspire your next pool project with stainless steel. 
All the previous podcasts are available online.

swimming pool stainless steel nozzles

Stainless steel pool nozzles