The strength of a network

The Everblue network derives its strength from nearly a hundred establishments, twenty-five years of experience and thousands of projects.
Each Everblue outlet is an independent legal entity and is fully accountable to its customers.

The advantages of the Everblue network stem from a careful selection of materials, a strong central organization and a highly efficient technical units.  Its pooled expertise and professionalism are the best guarantees for your project.



batiment usine everblueThe assurance of service

True to its goals of quality and professionalism, the Everblue Network has committed itself even more to end results and service.  Always be sure to use professionals for construction and select quality equipment.
All Everblue sales points are members of the Chambre Syndicale des Industries de la Piscine and are signatories to the Quality Charter.




The strength of an organization

  • The men and women who are part of it.
  • Well-organized logistics (permanent national coverage in a few days).
  • Careful selection of products and manufacturers.
  • Exclusive services that make a difference.


Everblue today and tomorrow
With its implantations, its achievements and its bank of loyal clients, Everblue is the foremost organization in France in the specialized sector of quality swimming pools.


everblue stock et tests

Spare parts: 5000 references in stock
Exclusive Robot Station:  a guarantee that all repairs are carried out within 10 days, all through the year
Bench testing and repair of equipment: filters, pumps, boxes, sterilor....