In leading or saturated markets in terms of pool construction, when everyone felt the effects of the financial crisis and there was a downturn in new pool projects, the companies that continued to work were those that had retained their customers because they had provided them with exceptional service.


France Piscine / Everblue (France)


The Equipment and Renovation markets:

A potential that should not be ignored

In Europe, there are thousands of pools that are thirty to forty years old. After all these years it is more than likely that they have lost their charm and appeal and their owners are a bit tired of seeing the same sight every day...  Their pool is no longer up-to-date.
It’s up to you to tempt them, to suggest a transformation, a renovation, an improvement… give them ideas that they can fantasize about!  Show them the pools you have built recently in the neighbourhood… Slowly, the idea will sink in, the project will take root, they will start to talk about it with their architect, their decorator, their friends… and then, one fine day, they will call you up or come to see you.  They will have decided to renovate their swimming pool.

Perhaps your customers want something that will give them pleasure.  They wish to add new equipment:  a counter-current system, steps, an automatic pool cover, or a spa, a water-therapy unit … or they simply wish to change the liner, revamp the mosaic with a motif on the floor of the pool or a frieze around the waterline, or replace the coping…    

Or maybe the shape does not please them anymore and they wish to alter the rectangle and add one or two «Roman bath» steps, change it into an L-shape, add an overflow lip on one side, or planters, or something else.   

With a little imagination, you could help them transform their living space and furnish the pool with modern equipment. These sectors are growing every year, and have an enormous potential that should not be ignored. 


Take care of your clients today, and they will stay loyal to you for a long time to come!