Heatstar manufactures a range of packaged environmental control units designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Aquarius swimming pool heat pump is designed specifically for heating outdoor pools by extracting heat from fresh air.
The product is available in three defrost versions, making it suitable for operation in any country.
A long warranty is on offer, with 20 years for the full flow titanium heat exchanger and the anodised aluminium frame chassis.

Meanwhile for indoor use, the Andromeda complete climate control unit is billed as being ideal for any residential swimming pool. The product uses direct-drive fans and an air-to-air/water heat pump, and a full range of models is available – offering refrigeration dehumidification rates between 3.8 and 32.4kg/hour and air flows from 1800 to 15,000 m3/hour.
Each Andromeda is assembled for the individual application, and many possible unit orientations and configurations are available.

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