The Dutch company EVA Optic - the developer and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting for swimming pools, sports facilities and public buildings - has launched what it says is the first RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LED underwater light with sufficient light output to match that of a standard 400W halogen model.

According to EVA Optic, its Intelligent Power Control (IPC) technology ensures that its A4 RGBW LED underwater lamp always offers 100% light output with a maximum energy consumption of 50W. Competing products are said to need 200W of LED power to match the same light output. This lower energy consumption results in a payback time of only 1.5 years when replacing a traditional 400W halogen light.

The company explains that in standard LED RGBW lamps, the total power of the device is spread across all four LEDs - even if only one LED colour is lit and the other three are turned off. EVA Optic's technology is designed to ensure that the light's total power is distributed only across the LEDs that are turned on.

Eva Optic