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For over 20 years, ZOUTMAN, a Belgian, family-owned company, has specialised in the manufacture and treatment of salt for various applications (water treatment and softening, food and feed, agriculture, ice-control).

The company has developed a range of high quality salts specially dedicated to the treatment of swimming pool water:


POOLSEL® granulated salt

This salt for swimming pools is produced from sea salt that is highly pure and free of additives.
Thanks to its high purity and its well-studied particle size, it dissolves perfectly in water.
This salt conforms to the European standard EN 973 type A and complies with the BPR 528/2012 European regulation on biocidal products.

SOFT-SEL® PLUSS salt in round tablets

A highly pure, refined salt, compressed into round tablets, it is also suitable for water softeners and membrane electrolysis.  This salt conforms to the European standards EN 973 type A, EN 16401 and EN 16370 and complies with the BPR 528/2012 European regulation on biocidal products.


SoftSel Comfort

SOFT-SEL® COMFORT salt 2-in-1

A special salt for swimming pools and water softeners.
The SOFT-SEL® COMFORT is produced from granulated salt with very high purity.  The salt is food grade and contains no additives.  With its well-studied particle size it dissolves perfectly in water and boosts rapid and regular brine production.
The salt comes in 15 kg bags with handles, an ecological solution with an ergonomic packaging.
It complies with EN 973 type A, EN 16401 standards and conforms to the BPR 528/2012 European regulation on biocidal products.


BPR 528/2012 regulation applying to salts

BPRThe European Regulation on Biocidal Products, BPR 528/2012, relates to the marketing and use of biocidal products.  According to Article 95 of this Regulation, salts used for on-site chlorine generation should comply with it.  Since 1st September 2015, only salts produced or distributed by suppliers registered with the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) are authorised for sale or use in the European market.  ZOUTMAN has taken all the necessary steps and obtained the authorisation of the ECHA.


Quality and sustainability

Quality, traceability, food safety and also sustainability are at the heart of the company's concerns.  A sustainability policy is an integral part of its long-term strategy.  This is reflected in its choice of raw materials, logistics and production.  ZOUTMAN is invested in all stages of the process, from manufacturing to thorough quality control.  To ensure their quality, the company has its own laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.  Its commitment to creating products of the highest quality is reflected in the many certifications it has obtained.