A specialist in pool filtration without buried pipelines, Filtrinov offers a compact and economical unit with a mono-cartridge filtration system for the new season, marketed exclusively by SCP.


The QUICK FILTER unit, 80 x 60 cm, includes as standard equipment, a Pentair Freeflo pump (0.75 kW - 1 HP), a Pentair Clean & Clear cartridge filter (CC100 - 9.3 m3), a control box for the filtration and lighting of the pool, 3 suction powers with a shut-off valve (skimmer, bottom drain and brush plug), 1 discharge pipe with shut-off valve, and 1 bypass provided for the later addition of a heat pump, for example.


The control box incorporates a timer for programming, motor protection and a 100 VA transformer for projectors.




Two other variants are available: a unit with salt chlorinator that functions with a Zelia Zlt 50 cell (CCEI) or unit with a salt chlorinator and a Limpido Z2 pH regulator and Zelia pod with a compact measuring and injection chamber (CCEI).

The compact size of this unit makes it easy to fix the filtration in the machine room and allows the pool specialist to save time when setting up the filtration, and at the same time offers equipment that has been carefully selected.