Filtrinov, the specialist in compact, easy-to-install pool filtration, proposes a technical unit solution for cartridge filter skimmers. Cartridge filtration economically reduces the quantity of water consumed for washing. 

Economical pool technical units that require less water for maintenance

The LS12 is designed for pools up to 45 m3. It is equipped with a 12 m3/h (0.5 kW) filter pump, with an automatic or manual control panel for filtration and lighting, 2 wall conduits for suction and outlet, and a by-pass (e.g. for heating) as standard equipment. It can be optionally equipped with an electrolyser and pH regulator. 

The LS20 consists of a 0.75 kW pump and the same equipment for pools up to 70 m3, including a more powerful filtration pump (20 m3/h). 

Pools fitted with an LS12 technical unit receive a Filtriskim F390 cartridge filter skimmer (25 µ - 4.5 m² filtration area), a wide-mouth inlet that comes in 10 colours, a debris basket (filtration level 500 µ), an overflow and a diameter 50 PVC elbow. 

With an LS20 technical unit, the larger F625 Filtriskim skimmer is fitted with a 25 µ cartridge (6.2 m² filtration area) and the same characteristics as the smaller model.   

Both technical units come with a movable cover with a mechanical security device. 

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Filtrinov technical unit open