The GS14 Miroir filtering panel is already a success, offering a compact and scalable filtration system. To meet the needs and wishes of its customers even further, the cover and embedded parts now come in various colours to mix or match.

A compact and scalable filtration system

Already highly modular, the filtering panel is now even more customisable and is available in anthracite grey, beige, white or light grey.

For the 2023 season, the Miroir version of the filtering panel has evolved and added a lower suction inlet. This protects the filter pump if the water level falls below the skimmer, but also guarantees continuous suction if the skimmer cartridges become clogged. The water is also better mixed, being sucked in at the surface by the skimmer and by the lower suction inlet for the bottom of the pool.

Choix de la couleur du capot et des pièces à sceller pour le mur filtrant GS14 Miroir de Filtrinov

Choice of the color of the cover and the embedded parts for The GS14 Miroir filtering panel by Filtrinov

Whether for construction or renovation, pool owners benefit from more ecological filtration because it consumes less water for maintenance (cartridges), a more efficient hydraulic circuit because it is located near the pool (much less load loss), and better water filtration.

The filtering panel includes a removable cover (4 colours available) and 1 control unit (filtration and lighting), and, for the embedded part: 1 Speck filter pump with a capacity of 14 m3/h, embeddable options (by-pass, electrolyser, pH regulator), 2 directional nozzles, 1 lower suction inlet, 1 colour LED projector and remote control, 1 removable filter cartridge (25  micron), 1 debris basket, 1 wide-mouth skimmer.