The main drains for commercial swimming pools of the AquaMatic range from PROCOPI have just been enhanced with a new model, offering perfect integration into swimming pools with waterproof liners.


bonde de fond grand débit - Procopi


This main drain has a PVC flange onto which the installer directly solders the 150/100 liner.


The top of the main drain is flush with the floor of the pool, making it easy to vacuum impurities and facilitating navigation of the broom or cleaning robot.  This process also ensures that the main drain remains perfectly watertight.

Designed for flow rates ranging from 17 to 84 m3, these drains are made of antibacterial resins and an RTM process that guarantees a smooth surface on both sides for a perfect seal.
They are all equipped with anti-capillary collars. In addition, their curved interior profile has been designed to encourage the flow of water and limit pressure drop.