AFM® stands for Activated Filter Media, a filter media made from green and brown container glass, developed by marine biologist Dr. Howard Dryden.

During the production process the raw AFM® goes through a three-step mechanical and chemical Activation Process.

Its activated surface is self-sterilizing which prevents bacteria mud-balling, coagulation and channeling of unfiltered water through the filter bed. 

Activation increases the surface area by up to 300 times for catalysis and adsorption reactions.

This filter media exceeds the performance of quartz and glass sand by filtering at least twice as efficiently. 

The catalytic properties on the surface of AFM® make it fully bio-resistant, which means no biofilm is formed in the filter bed. This reduces the chlorine demand and therefore the formation of harmful volatile disinfection by-products such as THM's, cyanogen chloride and trichloramine. 

Not only the chlorine smell but also the risk of getting infected by pathogens like legionella or cryptosporidium, is greatly reduced.

The pool is healthier, especially for children, safer for the environment and more economical.
This filter media has been successfully used in over 500,000 public and private swimming pools worldwide.