Heat pumps for heating water in large outdoor pools

The challenge of heating outdoor pools all year round

Outdoor pools need heating for comfort, but as the heat is lost to the atmosphere, new energy must be constantly supplied to keep the pool heated. Heat pumps are recognised as the most sustainable way to dynamically heat swimming pool water and with a Calorex heat pump you will save both energy and operating costs. 

Calorex Pro-Pac commercial heat pumps are designed for seasonal use during typical outdoor pool summer seasons, for long seasons and even for all year-round enjoyment.

Saving energy and reducing operating costs

They can economically provide swimming pool water heating to high-use pools, and larger pools such as those in campsites, leisure parks, water parks and hotels.

They are designed to work during warmer times of year when air temperatures are above 10°C, with the Y version being able to operate in air temperatures as low as -15°C.

Calorex offers and services

Water chillers of Calorex

Along with heating a pool, Calorex also provides water chillers to cool the water for ice cold for plunge pools and cold-water immersion therapy. This is an ever-increasing popular method used by athletes for repairing muscles, physical health and speeding up recovery from injuries.

refroidisseur eau piscine Calorex Dantherm

Water chillers

Services for professionals

Calorex manufactures heat pumps that can automatically control the temperature of the pool throughout the year and offer pre-sales technical advice and are supported by an in-house service department and large distributor network.