3 new ranges of BWT robotic pool cleaners to make a difference

Following the acquisition of AQUATRON a world leader in the manufacturing of robotic pool cleaners, on January 31st 2019 by the BWT Group, a European leader in water treatment technologies, Procopi is delighted to announce the launch of its 3 new lines of BWT robotic pool cleaners.

The P line

The P line is dedicated exclusively to pool professionals, in France and in Europe..

pool robotic cleaner for professionals BWT Ligne P

P line

The B line

This range is ideal for small pools and above-ground pools.

robotic cleaner above ground pool  BWT B line

B line

The D line

The D line is created for the DIY and on-line markets.

robotic cleaner for DIY BWT D line

D line

A range of robotic pool cleaners exclusively for professionals

To meet the expectations of pool professionals and allow them to offer their clients robotic pool cleaners that are unique to the market, Procopi offers the P Line, a range of robotic pool cleaners whose design and technical features are exclusive to BWT.

Ultimate Power

pictogramme Ultimate Power

This mechanism consists of a dual motor drive system, a hard-wearing gear transmission and a pump to pick up debris.

Ultimate Power is the ideal solution for fast, optimised travel, unrivalled reliability and unmatched cleaning. (3 year guarantee on the P500 and the P600).

Smart navigation

Pictogramme Smart Navigation

This intelligent navigation system exclusive to BWT, comprised of a gyroscope and an algorithm, scans and detects obstacles, and then computes the optimal cleaning path.

The cleaner can move faster and cleaning times are shorter.

4 D Filter, exclusive and patented

Pictogramme 4D filter

4D technology exploits a filter fabric that features loops to capture the tiniest particles.

It guarantees the finest filtration currently available on the robotic pool cleaner market.

Bi-directional suction

This allows the robot to clean continuously, irrespective of its direction of travel.

In addition, BWT robotic pool cleaners feature one of the most powerful suction on the market; their adjustable nozzles enable them to achieve up to twice the suction power.

With the P Line, pool professionals are confident that they are offering their clients a unique and exclusive product.

Discover the catalogs of the P line

P400 - P500 - P600 APP

BWT, an international reputation

Reflecting the demands and high technology associated with this Formula 1 car emblazoned with the BWT livery and logo, BWT robotic pool cleaners combine precision and consummate performance.

BWT Sponsor Formule 1

Beneficial visibility for Procopi customers

The BWT Group invests massively in communication and raises brand awareness with the general public at major sporting events: Formula 1, Formula 2, Porsche Cup, Alpine Ski, Ski jump, Austrian, German and French football championships (Official Partner of Stade rennais F.C.). This means that Procopi clients can now benefit from the international reputation of the BWT brand on the swimming pool market.

BWT Partenaire Stades rennais F.C football

About BWT

The Best Water Technology Group is Europe's leading water technology business with a staff of 4,500, working on innovative, economical and ecologically friendly water purification technologies to provide private households, industry, commerce, hotels and municipalities with the safest, healthiest and most hygienic water possible for their day-to-day needs.