The new CF+ Controller by Chemoform makes a mark with its universal range of application.

CF+ Controller :  greater convenience

Appliances from almost every manufacturer can be connected with the CF+ Controller. This means fewer remote controls and it offers a clear display on your own tablet or mobile phone.

 A new generation of control units

The CF+-Controller combines all important control and supervision functions at a glance, making the use of various individual devices redundant. For example, it networks the cover, RGB light, splash shower, disinfection system, circulation controls, filter controls, heating and other elements, even from different manufacturers.

Thanks to intuitive operation, control is child's play. Functions such as remote access, setpoint adjustment and e-mail services are also integrated. Additional relays make it easy to expand the functions (heating, light, water replenishment, circulation, economic operation, etc.) and to transfer information (empty signal, limit value exceeded, usage). And with the «Comfort» CF+-Controller, the water values can also be regulated. pH and redox (including temperature) can be read and adjusted with this. The «Professional» CF+ Controller also offers a free chlorine reading. Thanks to the web-based interface, there is no need to download an app and purchase a licence.

The CF+ Controller reflects a new generation of control units which provide an impressive synergy between technology and people. Wellness and relaxation are the main focus, including when it comes to operating the technology. It is a holistic approach to relaxation.