The smart and powerful VISION PRO LED pool light offers up to 3500 lumens of lighting, thanks to a patented ceramic cooling system. It combines light output, exclusive design and durability.

VISION PRO, the smart LED pool light and DURACOVER, the telescopic pool cover system

This light can be used in combination with existing wall ducts and face plates. For an even more exclusive finish, the DN50 light can be mounted in a new, ultra-flat 3 mm wall conduit.

Another new product from House of Duratech: DURACOVER, a telescopic pool cover system that can be adjusted between 3.3 and 5.5 metres in length. Made of glass-fibre reinforced vinylester, all the tubes in this system offer not only high chemical resistance but are also very lightweight. Their reduced weight, coupled with the unique 'rotating articulation', make them very easy to install, even for a professional working alone on the site.

The pool installer cuts down on working time as well as on costly and time-consuming travel. They can also deliver the rolling cover mechanism without delay (available from stock and delivered by standard transport) at the same time as the construction of the pool.

DURACOVER House of Duratech