The demand for a healthy lifestyle increases the demand for quality wellness products. Aquagem believes that a pool pump should be intelligent, minimalist, stylish, powerful, durable, and adaptable to multiple application scenarios.

A combination of design and technology to guarantee sustainable performance

The InverMaster pool pump is a silent pump that can be proudly displayed in its outdoor space. With the aim of offering a product that is eco-friendly and easy to use, Aquagem's team of designers and engineers has designed a pump which combines technology, ergonomics, design and performance.

Silence and energy-efficiency driven by core inverter technology

Aquagem is committed to environmental excellence and focuses on developing high-end energy-saving solutions for pool pumps. The advanced InverSilence® Tech precisely control motor speed through intelligent algorithms. With this advanced technology, the pump reaches up to 16 times more energy-saving. 

In addition to the proven performance of the Inverter Technology, InverMaster operates with a sound pressure at 30 dB(A) only at one meter, which is 40 times quieter than the average pool pumps.

AQUAGEM is an energy-saving specialist and pool pump manufacturer, based in based in Panyu, Guangzhou, China. Led by a team of more than 20 years' experience in Inverter electronic control system, Aquagem has been dedicating to developing and supplying high-end energy-saving inverter pool pumps since 2017.