European manufacturer of buffer solutions and certified measuring instruments, Meytec is delighted to be able to present in Lyon its complete calibration services and solutions, essential to the modern swimming pool industry.

Meytec, European manufacturer of buffer solutions and certified measuring instruments

These solutions are carefully protected by a sachet, preserving the pH and ORP calibration solution from exposure to UV rays and the open air, their main enemies. Professionals are thus assured of benefiting from an uncontaminated and reliable product, to carry out the calibration directly inside the bag and to carry out their analyses.

In 2023, the manufacturer will launch its long-awaited OEM service for sachets, aimed at distributors and manufacturers in the sector, to meet the growing demand for private labels and customization in the market. This service will be managed from a brand-new facility, which is currently under construction near Antwerp, Belgium. This new site will offer superior logistics and production capacity, contributing to the company's growth and expansion in the swimming pool market in Europe.

The Piscine Global Europe show is an opportunity for the company to meet its customers, forge new partnerships, but also to personally thank its early partners for their trust and support.