Faced with the challenge of reducing the impact of pools on the environment and the search for energy efficiency, Pool Technologie offers pool owners a major step forward with its Poolsquad® iPO system. Based on the principle of saltwater chlorination, this in situ chlorine generator guarantees quality water without adding salt to the pool. It eliminates the handling of solid or liquid chemical products that are dangerous to health.

Poolsquad® iPO: the future of CHLORINATION   

Thanks to its innovative technology, the chlorination cell is no longer integrated into the hydraulic circuit but is housed in a reactor installed in the technical room. The chlorinated solution, called sodium hypochlorite, is produced using softened water and brine (a mix of salt and softened water). The chlorinated solution is then directly injected into the hydraulic circuit.

This in situ chlorine generator consists of a reactor that incorporates a salt tank, a softened water tank, a brine tank, dosing pumps and a chlorine production cell that benefits from the innovations of the Natural Pool Series (self-cleaning and 4-year warranty). The reactor is factory pre-assembled to further simplify installation by a professional.

This eco-friendly solution also offers private owners economic benefits: low salt consumption, no chemical products to purchase or store, more efficient and longer-lasting chlorine production for healthy, soft and odour-free pool water.

Another advantage of Poolsquad® iPO is its scalable design. Various regulation options (ORP control or amperometric regulation) enable the automatic adjustment of disinfectant production according to the real needs of the pool.

Thanks to a Bluetooth chip, the system enables local control via the e-Pool® application and can be integrated into an e-Pool® Connect smart pool management system for enhanced user comfort. This connectivity optimises the interventions of professionals thanks to the remote management of their pool portfolio.

Poolsquad® iPO is also recommended for pools that are sensitive to corrosion, guaranteeing fresh chlorine produced on demand without generating waste.

Poolsquad® iPO sur le stand de Pool Technologie à Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023

Poolsquad® iPO on the Pool Technologie stand  at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023