Verdon VS is the new variable speed pumps range for residential pools by AstralPool. It has just won the Best Innovative Product in Connectivity Award at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona.

A sustainable, silent and power-saving solution for the swimming pool

This range has been launched with energy efficiency and user comfort in mind. 

Optimization of the power consumption

The new verdon VS pumps come with built-in variable speed technology which enables them to run for longer at lower speed, thus reducing their power consumption. 
They are equipped with three adjustable speeds allowing the motor to be set from between 40 % and 100 % of its full power. The power consumption can thus achieve savings up to 80 %.

Indeed, the pump adapts itself to the pool's requirements: operating at a lower speed throughout the daytime for filtration, and at a higher speed just for more demanding tasks, such as cleaning the filter or running a suction pool cleaner. 

Silence for maximum comfort

The new Verdon VS pumps are up to 12 dB(A) quieter than standard filter pumps. This is because the motor can be adjusted to run at lower speeds, with noise levels lower than 50 dB(A), which is practically imperceptible for the users. 

Remote control

The pumps have a built-in, user-friendly interface with a screen buttons for the basic settings. They also have an integrated connectivity system, to allow remote control using the Fluidra PoolTM app from mobiles, at anytime, from anywhere. The pumps are very easy to install.

The AstralPool Verdon VS pump has just received the Best Innovative Product Award at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, in the Connectivity category. 

Verdon VS pump AstralPool

The verdon VS connected Pump