The company Lilian Labs has developed a novel photometer for water analysis, the LILIAN. The sample preparation takes place fully automatically on a so-called "SensoStick". The measurement works as follows: The SensoStick is inserted into the measuring device, you just press one button and all four hygiene parameters (pH, chlorine values) are automatically determined within 60 seconds.

A new photometer for fast, easy pool water analysis

The necessary chemicals are already pre-dosed in the correct quantity on the SensoStick. This ensures that the correct chemicals are selected and dosed and that reaction times are adhered to.

The measurement data can be stored digitally in the cloud software, the LILIAN Manager, designed to digitally document the setup after a few minutes. Not only the values measured with the LILIAN, but all measured values from the pool operation. The Manager is free of charge in the basic function but additional packages like a limit value and alarm system or an interface can also be booked for a fee.

In addition to pH and chlorine values measured with the SensoStick type "Pool" with, acid capacity can also be measured with the LILIAN photometer. The SensoStick type "KS4.3" measures in a range of 0,2 - 2,00 mmol/l and has a measuring accuracy of +- 0,1 mmol/l. Since the LILIAN has two measuring shafts for two SensoSticks, it's possible to measure pH, chlorine and acid capacity within 2 minutes without any problems.

New LILIAN photometer

New LILIAN photometer