Since its launch, the Photometer Pro has quickly become a great success both nationally and internationally for regular water testing in public swimming pools. In 2024, LILIAN launched a new product. 

Two photometers for two different targets

The Photometer Pro allows for simultaneous analysis and documentation of water parameters like free, combined, and total chlorine within one minute, all without the need for sample preparation thanks to innovative SensoStick. This efficiency saves both time and labor costs, allowing pool operators to allocate resources to other important tasks. Packaging units of 250 SensoSticks are available. 

The high detection accuracy of the Photometer Pro, combined with the free use of the LILIAN app and LILIAN Manager for digital documentation of the measured values, earned Lilian Labs GmbH the "Golden Wave Award" in the "Green Technology" category in 2022.

This year, LILIAN introduced the Photometer Wave, targeting a different user group. While the Pro is designed for regular water quality testing in public pools, the Wave is ideal for those who conduct water analyses infrequently as health authorities, hygiene institutes, laboratories, pool builders, service technicians, facility managers of communal facilities, hotel operators, service providers... 

Smaller packaging units from 5 SensoSticks are available, maintaining the same high accuracy and digital measurement capabilities. 

Photometer LILIAN operating schema

Operation diagram of the LILIAN photometer