In 2023, SCP UK celebrated their 25th anniversary and in 2024, their team will continue to provide swimming pool professionals with the best service. They were at SPATEX 2024 Show - booth D29 - to introduce their new products proposed in 2024 to meet customers' needs: pool cleaners, new heat pumps, new pool pumps, the iSaverK Frequency Inverter for pool pumps, and a new 3D reinforced membrane color

Pool cleaners for residential and commercial cleaning needs

In 2024, SCP UK is adding several pool cleaners from leading manufacturers in the swimming pool market to its offering.

From the manufacturer Maytronics, the new SCP UK catalog features 3 pool cleaners models:

LIBERTY - 200, 300 and 400: a new generation of automatic cleaners without cable. It operates a powerful cleaning for 90 mn thanks to a Li-Ion battery. This latter recharges itself by induction (up to 6 h) with a magnetic connection for easy charging. The robot comes in an elegant and modern design with leds and transparent lid. Just press START and it will do the job! Then recover the robot using a hook (included) at the end of the cycle - for model 200 - and even more easily with the ClickUp system for models 300 and 400. 

Liberty 200 Pool Cleaner SCP UK

LIBERTY Pool Cleaner

PRO X 90i: One of the best values in commercial pool cleaners. The robot is designed for swimming pools up to 20 m long. It offers 3 cleaning modes, a cycle duration selection and 2 filtration systems to choose from - a filter bag for fine particles or a large capacity cartridge filter. The robot is always connected (wifi), and is controlled via the MyDolphinTM Plus app. 

PRO X 90i Pool Cleaner SCP UK

PRO X 90i Pool Cleaner

Zenit 55 - exclusive SCP: Tackles the toughest debris. The Pool Cleaner has an extra sealing for large debris, a weekly program, a manual control and a Pick me up Function for easier water exit. It can clean the bottom, the walls and the water line thanks to an active double brushing. Zenit 55 has an elegant design with transparent top, for optimal view of the filter. It is recommended for swimming pools up to 15 m long. 

Zenit 55 Pool Cleaner SCP Uk

Zenit 55 Pool Cleaner

From BWT manufacturing, the COSMY One electrical cleaner is exclusive SCP and recommended for swimming pools up to 10 m long. Very light robot, it is very easy to handle (5,75 kg). It has 2 cleaning cycles: 1h30 or 2h. Its full filter indicator indicates when the filter has to be washed. 

Cosmy One electrical cleaner SCP UK

Cosmy One electrical cleaner

New Heat pump, Pool Pump, Frequency Inverter and 3D liner color

Were also to be discovered at SPATEX 2024 and in the new SCP UK catalog:

  • The Fairland AQUAX 20 Heat Pump - exclusive SCP: with a COP of up to 20! It operates in Turbo Mode, Smart Mode or Silent Mode. 
  • The exclusive SCP InverK pump: including InverSilence technology and high-efficiency DC brushless motor.
  • The exclusive SCP iSaverK Frequency Inverter: 80% energy saving and sound level reduced by as much as 25%.
  • A new HAOGENPLAST Emerald color in the Stone Tile range of 3D reinforced membrane complying to anti-slip Standard C.