After 1 year of research and development creating an innovative approach to pool and spa filter maintenance, Darlly has launched a new filter cleaning system called "FilterGuard", at Spatex 2024.

A new approach to pool and spa filter maintenance

The new FilterGuard system has four steps that work together, using fewer chemicals and recyclable materials, and are affordable. Among the innovations, the 'Cyclone' cleaning brush has been modified to include a mixing reservoir that automatically dispenses cleaning liquid. Additionally, a space-saving filter cleaning bucket, specially designed to fit 90% of all known filters, can be hung on the wall. Darlly has also developed a revolutionary pack of fast-dissolving cleaning sheets that incorporate active enzymes for deep cleaning. These sheets are eco-friendly and do not contain any plastics or chemicals.

With FilterGuard, the European pool and spa filter manufacturer aims to guarantee maximum lifespan at the lowest cost and with minimum effort.

Dominic Moseley, the project leader, is excited to introduce this product and said, "Darlly likes to be the first to introduce innovative products. FilterGuard is no exception; this is a real first within our industry, and we are very excited to release it!

FilterGuard by Darlly

FilterGuard by Darlly, a new way to clean a filter