True to its corporate reputation for innovation, Pool Technologie has redefined the user experience in the field of private pool treatment systems with its new Premium Natural Pool Series. On the market since 2023, this evolution features significant improvements to the control panel interface.

Premium, renewing the user experience  

At the heart of this development is the 4.3-inch HD screen with IPS technology that provides optimal display quality, ensuring a wide-angle view and exceptional colour fidelity. This enables the simultaneous display of four pool parameters, offering a quick and clear view of the essential data. The innovation doesn't stop there, with the introduction of a user-friendly colour code on the screen, where blue indicates normal operation, orange for messages, and red raises an alert for any problems. The user can visualise any anomalies and take rapid action. 

The advanced functionality of the built-in presence sensor is a real advantage. It detects the user's approach to automatically wake the device from sleep mode and reactivate the keypad. This sensor, which is also light sensitive, adjusts screen brightness to suit the surroundings, a feature that is particularly welcome in dark technical rooms.

The overhaul of the menu architecture, with the introduction of a capacitive keypad, simplifies commissioning, configuration and maintenance operations. The user is intuitively guided thanks to written messages, status indicators and backlit active keys. Commissioning and maintenance are detailed step by step, for simple, intuitive use.  

All the devices of the Premium range are equipped with this new interface, including salt electrolysers, regulators and pH/Cl dosing pumps. The manufacturer has extended this product improvement to the dosing and regulator panels of its professional range.